Our Story

Located in the coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island, on the edge of the Narragansett Bay, Baywood understands summer living. The soft sun, the smell of the tide, clamcakes fresh by the beach….Baywood represents all that is relaxed living.

Baywood is here as your source of quality, renewable eye-wear. Helping you enjoy all of summer's soft beauty, through the lenses of natural sunglasses.
Baywood is an experience. Molded by years of Newport summers and free living, it’s about enjoying life. Living now, with an eye for tomorrow, Baywood brings utility and style, while providing protection and comfort.

Baywood doesn’t do it like the rest. We bring a New England style and experience to our business. Put down that heavy acetate plastic and pick up some wood. All of our frames are handcrafted from bamboo and various hard-woods. When you order a pair of Baywood sunglasses, you aren’t just buying a pair of glasses, you are adopting a way of life.

We like to provide a great product to great people. Our goal is always to make you happy. Check out our shades, and if you have any questions, give us a call.

Return any used pair of Baywood sunglasses for 20% off your next order. Help decrease waste while also getting a new pair of shades. Baywood is committed to sustainable business. By recycling Baywood products, you are helping ensure used sunglasses can be re-purposed without ever entering a landfill. Broken or not, we will give you credit towards your next purchase.

We will do what it takes to make sure your experience with Baywood is a great one.
This is our promise.


The Baywood Team