So, where did the name "Baywood" come from?



Hello everyone out there in internet-land!   

    My name is James and I am the founder of Baywood. A few people have asked me about the name and where it may have come from over the years. So many in fact that I decided to write a short blog entry about it. Although some might find it uninteresting. It was one of those "light bulb" moments you hear about. At the time I had been finishing up the designs of the first Hazelwood and Amarillo. Since we are on our third generation of design. The models were wholly different than what we have out today. This was before we had learned some of the hard lessons of eye-wear design. Not only do you have to design them stylish and desirable, but durable. This is made much more difficult when dealing with natural materials. I had been racking my brain for hours trying to think of the appropriate name for the company I wanted to create. I wanted people to be able to relate to it but also not make it so specific that it held us down. At this time I was still trying to figure out what the company was and what the future would hold. A process that we are continuously going through, even today. When I did finally come to the name "Baywood" I was sitting in my office with the door open talking out loud spit-balling names and writing down anything that sounded less horrible than the ones I had already gone through. I won't lie, some of them were plain bad. I was reaching for strings when I decided I would close my eyes and think hard about who I imagined my customer was and what life they lived. Since I was born and raised in Newport, RI. Much of the influence involved with the company drew hard from my surroundings. Newport happens to be an island that sits in the Narragansett Bay. I was naming out things like "Narragansett wood" and 'gansett wood" when I stumbled onto "Narragansett bay wood." As soon as I said it I knew it was right. "Bay-wood" I said happily, although still separating the words at that point. I immediately started sketching out different logo ideas on a scratchpad with pencil. When I wrote the name out I noticed the "w" was in the perfect position to also stand as an anchor and drew it as such. This is where the anchor logo started to become a reality. In the first few runs of production the logo had included a rounded anchor to represent the "w" in Baywood. Something I had drawn myself but was sloppy and sometimes hard to read on different materials. It was at that time a friend and designer that had been helping me work on the website decided to give the logo a try. When he showed me his ideas I knew immediately we were on the right path. Baywood was one word and the anchor was officially set separate to the name, but still attached as it perfectly represented the East Coast island life that so may here identify with. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thank for reading and If you ever have questions shoot us an email at, have a great day!