Baywood on Block Island




                Block Island is one of the Gems of Rhode Island. If you haven't been, you need to book a Daycation and check it out. With great beaches and scenery unlike anywhere else in RI. You can have a great time, even on a budget.


With the summer season in full swing. Sunglasses are a necessity for those beautiful summer Block Island days. That's why the Baywood team tries to get out there as much as possible. You can even grab a pair of Baywoods at the Wild Flowers Boutique right on Water st.


Rent a scooter and take a ride around the island. Pay attention while driving though you don't want to miss anything. You may find yourself a wandering down a path to a secluded section of the coast where you can take a dip or relax in the sun.


Overall, BI is one of the best things to experience when visiting RI. Even if you’re a local looking for a change of pace. For more information check out: