Summer in Newport with Baywood

On a warm summer day you can smell the salt. The red tide as you pass First Beach. Del's lemonade parked at Brenton point. These are the things that make our island great. Whether you like to go to the beach for the sun, surf, or the view. We have everything that makes for a day of relaxation. Winding around the bends of the Ocean Drive you can see why we love it here. With welcoming pubs and restaurants with rich history around every corner. Calling at you from the past as you wind down endless one-way roads trying to avoid the deep caverns called pot-holes. Baywood is inspired by this environment. Not necessarily the pot-holes but the island as a whole. We understand and truly appreciate the beauty that is Newport,RI. We design eye-wear to represent you. So grab a Dels, hit the surf, and take in all of Rhode Islands beauty through the polarized lenses of Baywood sunglasses.